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Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning
HHI Carpet Cleaning is the oldest carpet cleaning company in our area, serving the area  since 1976. Hot water,or "Steam" cleaning, is the primary method we use, but we have other methods available for special circumstances. Our equipment is state of the art and only the finest cleaning agents are used. We have "Allergen Free " cleaning for those who are sensitive to any chemicals, and all of our cleaners are environmentally friendly. All carpets are pre treated and individually spot treated if needed. There are NO extra charges to do a better job. We only do one type of job, and that is the best possible. Our charges are based on square footage, not per room. This ensures that you pay for your job, not an average of all jobs. Costs change, but free estimates are gladly given with a free inspection. Please call or email with any questions-864-882-1390.

HHI provides the safest and most complete Upholstery Cleaning available. Don't trust your valuable and delicate furniture to just anyone. We are certified in all types of upholstery cleaning and use special low moisture cleaning tools. This allows us to clean virtually any type upholstery with no harsh odors or chemicals. With a pre cleaning inspection, we can give a good estimate of the results you can expect with each individual job. Some fabrics give better results than others, and we have the experience to match your expectations to actual results. Call or email for a free inspection and price quote. 864-882-1390
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