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Air Duct Cleaning
Indoor air quality is something almost everyone is concerned about. The HVAC system in your home is one of the most important elements in this environment, and the air duct system is its distribution network.

If it is full of debris, insects, trash or mold, then this is constantly circulated throughout you home, and air quality suffers. HHI can clean this system with the patented Rotobrush system. It is a combination vacuum and rotating scrub brush in one. We access each register and fresh air return with a vacuum hose that has a spinning brush (fitted to the duct size) directly in front of the suction port.

This is inserted into the duct work and main trunk line as far as possible, then the brush direction is reversed and the hose removed slowly. This process is repeated until all debris is removed.

This system is designed for residential use and will not harm flex duct or fiber board. We also can treat systems with deodorizers or antimicrobials. Remote video inspection is available if needed. Prices are based on the number of registers and fresh air returns. Free inspections and price quotes are gladly given. email or call 864-882-1390.